Last day in Italy


What didn’t we do this here? We’ve been exploring Rome and FLORENCE as well, went for shopping in an outlet store, danced in front of thousands of people, eat pasta, gelato and mozarella everyday!

Deffinetly, this trip is my favourite! In love with this country. Wish to visit it again! Untill that time. Take a look on that photos.

Thank you for being with me and for your support. I will continue this blog! See you later here.

Lots of fun,



Exploring Rome

I woke up at 8 a.m. and went to have breakfast downstairs. Fresh orange juice, toasts and bowl of cereal. Bon appetit!

After that we started exporing Rome. Colosseum, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Roman Forum and we’ve even visited another country- Vatican!

Roman Forum. Dameli and me.                                       On the roof of St.Peter’s Basilica

I’m dog tired and going to have dinner in a restaurant. Vegetable soup, chicken naggets and potatoes, Caesar salad and tea. Bon appetit!

See you in my next post! Lots of fun,


DAY 1!

We are here! Rome!


The  guide greeted us in the airport. We sat in the bus and headed to the hotel.

The hotel is just perfect! I am living it a room with my friend Dameli and Togzhan.

In the afternoon we went to have lunch in a restaurant. Italian pasta, gelato and tea, what can be better than that?

I think, we’ll relax in a hotel till the end of the day. I don’t mind that at all!

Lots of fun,



The best place to visit

I am going to spend 5 best days in my life in country where history keeps the pace with cultural and techological novelties, where the flag says “hope, faith and charity”, where you can find best pizza in whole world, gelato and the last, but not the least popular brands.

Our trip starts on 19th of March. Wish me good luck. Heading to the plane. Hoping for the best.

                                                                                                                      Lots of fun,



Introducing me

Well, Hello!

My name is Madina. I actually don’t really like it when people call me by my name. So for you i’m “Madd”)

Let me tell you some facts about myself:

  1. Kazakh and proud of it
  2. 15 years old
  3. NIS student
  4. Living in the capital of Kazakhstan, Astana
  5. 6.24.00
  6. 6 people in my family(mom,dad,elder brother,little sister and brother)
  7. Love pineapples
  8. Yellow is my favourite colour
  9.  Have been to England, Scotland, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Turkey and Italy
  10. Wish to visit Japan, USA and Spain
  11. Always late
  12. Living like “it’s better late, than never”

Hope you found that information interesting. My next blog post will be about my favourite trip. Now you can guess what place am I talking about:3

Lots of fun,